Good UI Design

First impressions are lasting. What catches the eye piques interest and brings clicks   

Elements of good design:

  1. Appeals to the eye and has a good balance of graphics/video, text, and white space
  2. Reflects both the nature of the business or organization and the taste and culture of the decision-maker
  3. Easy to both learn and use; clean navigation and no "busy-ness" unless it's a carnival event or consignment shop
  4. Integrates well with social media and all other forms of online marketing
  5. Extends to new business functions or processes easily and affordably
  6. Content and layout 100% accessible for adding, editing, and deleting by non-technical organization employees
  7. Fulfills the goals of analytics - no more than two clicks to get to "goal" pages .

The best way to demonstrate design is to show some examples of our work. Keep in mind that color and layout choices are sometimes strongly influenced by the varying tastes of clients, so you'll notice a wide variety, some of which will be more appealing to you than others. In every case, however, design has been driven by its owner's business objectives.

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