Tech Framework

Tech framework is always misunderstood. Choosing well means flexibility & low costs into the future. Unwisely equals disaster.   


Opstreams' content-managed base provides a framework for not only "technology-free" site maintenance, but also additional plug-ins that extend the power and functionality of the site at little or no cost. Thus, your initial site investment gives long-term value and lower costs over time far greater than would a traditional website. Our frameworks are sometimes Wordpress CMS, but most often Joomla as the best aligned for small business and non-profits.

From the chart on the left, you can see that among our six ROI (return-on-investment) platforms, we might recommend pure social media without a website, or even a one-off "quick-site" with MailChimp, depending on what is appropriate for the client's business objectives. The 14 functions surrounding the radar chart represent 95% of the functions requested by our over 60 SMB and non-profit clients, and show the relevant capabilities of our six recommended platforms.

Note that Drupal, although a powerful and logical platform for larger businesses (we have built Drupal sites on occasion) is a much more expensive and complex alternative, rarely appropriate for businesses capitalized at less than $100M.

Joomla and Drupal have between them shared most independent industry awards for best content management systems over the years. Since Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal are open-source, or free to use, we can pass these cost savings on to our clients, and instead focus time and effort on putting business operations online and using the power of content management and social media to bring in new customers, reduce administrative costs, and improve customer service.