Brock and his team kept their commitments, went overboard to make everything work and look great, and came in costing less than expected. Am recommending them to others.

- Fairfield,CT business owner

I had an expensive web designer do my first site. After a year and a half and over $1200 spent, I still had no site that looked good and worked properly. Opstreams came in and got the site done in three weeks at a fraction of the price. Amazing. I didn't know anything about Joomla or Wordpress to begin with, so I was skeptical, but the light bulb finally went off for me!

- Construction Business owner, Fairfield County, CT

We have almost 100,000 users in every time zone around the globe. Our business is fully dependent on our online presence. It must be up 24/7 without fail. We have 140 different mailing lists and plan large conference events, for which many companies receive special passes and coupons. We also manage and sell hundreds of documents online.

The site must work flawlessly or we will lose business. In fact, when we transitioned from our original HTML site with expensive database vendor to manage documents, we thought we would be paying major dollars for a team of Java or .NET developers.

Opstreams convinced us (we were skeptical that open-source technology could be relied upon) to go with either Joomla or Drupal depending on the business analysis. After almost four years in operation, it appears we've saved many thousands of dollars and have a powerful online framework for running our business reliably. Brock's business savvy and ability to work with our in-house team proved invaluable.

- President, Westport, CT global consultancy

Opstreams reservation software has been reliably running our tennis court reservation system for nearly five years. We're very happy with both the ease of functionality and the price.

- Club Owner, Amelia Island, Florida

We're a budget-challenged community agency with big visions and the need to translate our site easily into five Asian languages. We solicited five bids for site development, and Opstreams was 50% less than everyone else, even below our limited expectations. We thought not to hire Opstreams because we frankly didn't believe their bid, but Brock and Jana convinced us they could do it with their follow-on Workshop approach, cutting costs and development time. It worked out splendidly, and Joomla is capable of things we would have never gotten with some of the other approaches being bid.

- Executive Director, Non-profit Agency, Philadelphia

Great work Opstreams! Love the look of the site and the clever operation, the way we can put our music online, have people sample it, and buy our CDs. Just like the big sites, but for a cost a few poor musicians can scrape together. Thank you!

- Musical Group Leader, Royal Oak, Michigan

Brock, thanks for all your help getting my up and running so I can sell my clothes online. I didn't know much about Paypal or Authorize.net when we started, and I had no idea setting up the shipping would be that difficult until you made it easy for me. I hated Joomla at first, but now I get it, and it's been a blessing with how it integrates content and e-newsletters with my product catalog.

- Small business owner, Dallas, Texas

Yes, you patiently explained the advantages of a CMS (content management) two years previously, but I didn't get all the technical stuff, so I ended up going through three separate site designers and wasted almost $3000 on them and the site did nothing. Sorry it took me so long, but I came back to you finally and you did more in two months than a boatload of other designers did in almost three years. Thanks so much.

- Arts Curator and Non-profit Director, New York City