Startup Nuts and Bolts

Our Byusiness AIR Startup program is aimed toward new or existing business owners who have little spare time and may have limited investment resources. It is intensive and pragmatic, designed to move you as quickly as possible from dream to reality. Eight one-on-one workshops cover the following areas and are tailored to the individual business:

  • Creating your itch, your niche, your pitch
  • Mapping your money on a napkin: Budgeting, Pricing, Funding
  • Where are your customers coming from, what do they look like, and how to reach them
  • Organizing: Bank accounts, EIN, business types, licensing, taxation issues
  • Marketing and Networking: selling your uniqueness
  • Financials on a Postcard: Balance Sheet, Chart of Accounts, Income Statement, Cash Flow; finding the right tool
  • Technology as Amplifier: Social Media, Websites,  Analytics, Mobility, Computers, Telephony and more
  • Competition and Intellectual Property

All "homework" given is practical and critical to creating the business.